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Indeed App Redesign.

Project Info.

UI Design, UX Design, Research



July 24 – 30 2019


Adobe XD, Photoshop


Johnson Luong

Listen to your users.
Identify the weak points.
Work within the boundaries.

Being the #1 job searching platform, Indeed's desktop browser site gets the job done. That's why it was such a surprise to me when I decided to test out their mobile app only to discover that it was lacking in both functionality and aesthetics.

I decided to focus on the user's experience with Indeed, why they need to use the platform in the first place, their most common action, their struggles and their needs. Ultimately, after some research, I came to the conclusion that Indeed's primary function was a list assortment app.

Some important questions to consider.

What elements of the past can we include in the future?

What is the main function(s) of Indeed's mobile app?

Stages to development.

Why aren't current users happy with the app?

01 Research

03 Building

02 Planning

04 Final Presentation

01 Research.

The old app.

Quite outdated with a visual style that resembles older desktop versions forcibly configured for mobile.

Screenshots of the old app from Indeed's Google Play Store posting.

What do users say?

Based on app reviews, it was clear users had difficulty with the fundamental workings of the app along with its visual aspects.

These aspects included:
— more specific search options
— better filtering options
— easier upload experience

"People are experts of their own experiences."

02 Planning.

Scoping possibilities.

In essence, the functionality of Indeed's mobile app is to search for jobs, occasionally check account settings, and view different job postings.

I purposefully avoided adding on more functions and features for the mobile version to keep it focused.

Mid-fidelity wireframes.

Initial ideas for the look and layout of the app's interfaces. Almost all underwent changes for the finalized high-fidelities.

Detailed descriptions.

Account interface.

Where the user would toggle their settings and preferences.

Job posting interface.

Salary is what people often look for first when checking out a post, so having it up front and large naturally attracts the eye. A physical map showing the location also helps for navigation and interest. The description would be uploaded and edited by the uploader.

Main interface.

Experimenting with hierarchy and what information to include and exclude.

Search interface.

A simple search tab that avoids anything unnecessary.

03 Building.

High-fidelity wireframes.

Finalized interface designs for the main screens of the new and improved mobile app.

Detailed descriptions.

Login and sign up page.

Sticking with their already-established colour scheme.

Main interface.

This list interface followed by the "saved" tab of the app where users can save posts for later viewing. The most important information are shown such as position, company, job type, wage, and distance relative to the user's set location.

Job posting interface.

Again, the most desired information is showcased at the top as well as the function to apply. Descriptions are subjectively based on the company's own posting.

Search interface.

As mentioned before, a simple search tab.

Account interface.

Includes set location, presumably the user's home. Also displays email and name for recruiters' purposes.

The adjustable distance feature is an easy way to determine the radius in which the app searches for suitable jobs.

Other features such as job type, title, salary, and location are also all in an effort to narrow down the best job for the user.

04 Final Presentation.


Completing this 2 years ago, I believe this redesign was a success. Although there are definitely things I would change — like visual design choices and a more in-depth process — I think in terms of functionality, this still holds up as a good redesign. To reiterate, Indeed's platform is solely for searching for new jobs. There's no real social media function nor does there need to be. A chat function, share function, or even a profile picture are not things I believe this platform should have as it is not a long-term use application (hopefully). You login, find a job, apply, hopefully you get it, then you don't touch Indeed until the next time you need a job.

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