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korb™ Smart Bag.

Project Info.

Product Design, UI/UX Design, Prototyping, Web Design, Brand Identity, Animation, Video Editing



November – December 2020

Mentioned in Artichoke Magazine Vol. 10 No. 5, page 80.


Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects

korb™ was created as a final project for one of my Fall 2020 classes. The assignment was to create a new smart product that solves a problem in society. My group ended up creating korb™, a smart bag that allows users to take the hassle out of shopping.

With RFID scanners built into the rim of the bag, you can place your items inside your korb™ and they will automatically be scanned and shown on your app. This way, you can easily keep track of what's in your bag, view the total, and even explore store-specific inventory as it automatically connects to their wifi network. Once you're finished shopping, simply walk out. No need to wait in line as the korb™ app will instantly complete the transaction with your credit card as you leave the store premises.

Some important questions to consider.

How can shopping be more efficient for all parties involved?

How can retail workflows be improved for customers and workers?

Stages to development.

What are the current pain points of retail?

01 Research

03 Building The App

02 Planning Deliverables

04 Finals

What is the Internet Of Things and how can it be used in retail?


Final promotional video for korb™ that demonstrates the benefits of integrating Internet Of Things into businesses.

Watch this for a quick summary if you don't have time to read the full case study!

01 Research.

What are the current pain points for customers?

Long lines.

Long checkout lines, long fitting room lines. Nobody wants to spend their day off standing and waiting to be served.


Ever gone to a store only for them to not carry what you wanted? Customers have learned to fear the words "out of stock".

Lack of support.

There aren't enough workers for customers. This puts stress and pressure onto them to perform and serve. They're busy enough!

Health & safety.

Especially relevant today, sharing publicly used items can put you and your loved ones at risk. It's much better to use your own things.

Plastic waste.

Tons of plastic waste is due to the overuse of plastic in retail environments. Things like reusable bags are a must in today's world.

Who is korb™ for?
The average individual, that's who.

02 Planning Deliverables.

Identity through branding.

With the experimental abstraction of the letter K, we noticed the top section resembled a checkmark, like checking off your shopping list. Additionally, we combined the structural similarities of a shopping cart into the logo to give it more form. Rounding off the edges gave it a soft and friendlier-look that is more relatable to our target demographic.

The website process.

One of the options for deliverables was a website design. We went through a couple iterations and styles before settling on a more modern design with a clean style, matching our product.

The final website.

The site's purpose was to educate and give an in-depth overview of our smart product.

Alternate options for korb™ Features.

RFID scanning allows for efficient shopping — the entire premise this product is built off of.

Produce weight scale allows customers to weigh their produce in the bag. korb™ does this by calculating the weight difference between products as you put them in.

Above, we have Colour options for customers. We decided to go with neutral colours because shopping bags are typically used for function rather than visual aesthetics.

Below, we have Multi-packs for families or people who want more than just one bag but don't want to buy full price.

Here we explain the korb™ Compatible Stickers. Each colour represents a different product category so the customer knows whether or not the product they are shopping for is korb™ compatible. Ideally, all korb™ compatible stores' products will already have this sticker ready for use.

The sticker houses the RFID chip that gets read once it gets put into the bag.

To go above and beyond in the worldbuilding surrounding this project, my group decided to "collaborate" with Keith Haring in order to create a patterned design of one of his most famous pieces.

03 Building The App.


Low-mid fidelity.

The most important feature in the app is the My Bag interface.

This is the tab customers would be using most often as it allows live updates of what's in their korb™ along with vital information like cost and quantity.

Shopping List Tab

Eliminating the rudimentary pen & paper technique.

Explore interface.

This is the place for brands to advertise korb™ exclusive deals that would convince existing users to stay and keep shopping while also enticing new users to join.

Variations of the Account interface.

Experimenting with how to display payment options in a creative way while also testing the effectiveness of icons.

High-fidelity Mockups.

04 Finals.

TLDR Part 2.

Final app walkthrough for the korb™ app.

Watch this for a quick summary if you don't have time to read the full case study!


This was the most fun I've had from completing an assignment and I believe it shows through in our work.

The original idea for a smart bag was mine and came from my personal experience working retail at Uniqlo. The pain points of individually scanning each item and awkward encounters were very real and I'm glad I was able to bring my real-life experience into a design project in order to solve an issue that I have faced in the past. In the context we are currently living in, I also believe korb™ as a product has the potential to create a more hygienic environment for all as everyone would have their own things and thus hinder the spread of germs in crowded and transit-heavy places.

The animation video was the hardest part of the project for me because my group and I had absolutely no experience in After Effects prior to this. In the span of a few weeks, my group and I managed to create a friendly and fun how-to-use video through plenty of help from Youtube as well as each other.

Speaking of my group members, I believe they are the reason why this project was such a success. They are extremely talented on their own as designers and us working together, bouncing ideas off each other, discussing design choices, and eventually coming to a solution we all agreed upon was vital for the unified vision of korb™. I've learned the importance of communication and having your own opinion on the things that matter instead of being apathetic towards them.

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